Housing is Contributing to Economic Growth

Eye on Housing

Over the last two years, home building has experienced significant growth, albeit off of low levels. And this expansion has added to overall growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In fact, since the last quarter of 2011, advances in home building have been responsible for 20% of total economic expansion.

RFI Growth

While the economy as a whole has slowed somewhat over the last year, the expansion of home building has picked up steam. The home building component of the GDP accounts, as measured by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, is Residential Fixed Investment (RFI). RFI includes spending on residential structures and some equipment. The category of residential structures includes new construction of single-family and multifamily housing units, improvements and remodeling that expand or extend the life of housing units, expenditures for manufactured homes, brokers’ commissions on the sales of residential property and net purchases from government agencies. The bulk of this spending is associated…

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