Items Needed for the Mortgage Process

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Mortgage Checklist

  • Copy of Photo ID – a valid driver’s license, state ID or passport

  • Purchase Agreement (If buying a home)

  • Current Mortgage Statement (If refinancing your current property)

  • Past 2 years W-2s and Federal 1040s/Tax Returns (personal and business if self-employed. Contact me for more details)

  • Most recent pay stubs reflecting 1 month of income

  • Most recent monthly bank statements – please include all accounts and all pages

  • Most recent monthly or quarterly stocks, bonds, investment, retirement account statements

  • There may be additional documents required: Examples: DD214 Copy 4, Bankruptcy Discharge & list of creditors, Divorce Decree(s), Child support receipt/payment, Social Security benefits letter…(as applicable).

***Very Important, Please Read Below***

In the meantime, please do not open or apply for any new credit. If you have credit cards, please do not charge anything on them and make sure you continue to make your payments on time. Do not switch jobs or quit your current job because this can negatively affect your loan approval. Continue to pay all of your debts on time and please do not deposit cash into your bank accounts (payroll from your employer is okay). If you have any questions, please call me before you do anything that you are not sure of.

Thanks, Ed Stojancevich