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Hangers in the wardrobe

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On the rods, we hang dresses, suits, jackets, skirts, pants, blouses, jackets, and coats. It is worthwhile to use specialized hangers created to keep a specific type of clothing if you want to organize your closet effectively. They are more efficient and have a correct design.

The hangers are:

  • classic with a profile of approx. 5-12 mm and narrow shoulders, intended for blouses and shirts; for clothes with straps, they have additional tabs or hooks to prevent them from slipping,
  • with a wide profile of approx. 50 mm, for jackets and jackets; are stronger versions, with wider ends of the arms and an additional crossbar,
  • flocked – ideal for dresses and delicate blouses; they have different thicknesses, and their material surface prevents clothes from slipping and cares for delicate materials,
  • buckles for trousers and skirts; they have clips that hold clothes and special inserts so that the buckle clamp does not leave a mark on delicate fabrics,
  • for belts and bags – these are short-arm hangers with a double place for hanging products.

The varieties of wardrobe hangers that are provided are intended for conventional clothing hanging on a rod. Among the contemporary solutions, the following merit attention:

  • Trombone/telescopic hangers have rods that are set perpendicularly rather than parallel to the wall so that the clothing are facing the user. The rod’s telescoping design enables you to draw it out of the wardrobe for easy access to the garments.
  • The side mechanisms with the handle lower the hanger down; the unused handle acts as an additional support for the stick. Pantographs – poles mounted higher.

Sometimes in studios and small apartments, a straightforward hanger on wheels serves as the user’s whole wardrobe or takes the role of a hallway wardrobe.

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