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How to grow avocado at home?

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It can be rewarding and enjoyable to grow an avocado plant at home. The following instructions will show you how to grow an avocado tree from a seed:

  1. Seed Selection: Opt for a ripe avocado. Without cutting or harming it, carefully remove the seed.
  1. Cleaning: To get rid of any remaining fruit, wash the seed thoroughly.
  1. Toothpick Method: Insert three to four toothpicks into the sides of the seed at a slight downward angle. The toothpicks will assist in keeping the seed submerged in the water in the glass.
  1. Water Germination: Place the seed in a glass of water so that the bottom inch of the seed is submerged, broad end down. Put the glass somewhere warm and sunny.
  1. Monitor Water Level: To ensure that the seed’s bottom is always submerged, keep the water level steady.
  1. Germination: The seed should split open and develop a stem and roots within two to six weeks. Watch the roots closely and trim them if necessary if they start to get too long.
  1. Transplanting: You can plant it in a pot with well-draining soil once the stem reaches 6-7 inches in length and has a few sets of leaves. A pot should have adequate drainage holes.
  1. Soil and Sunlight: Place the pot in a sunny area and use a well-draining potting mixture. Make sure the avocado plants receive plenty of sunlight because they love it.
  1. Watering: Do not overwater the plant; water it regularly. Prior to adding new water, let the top inch of the soil dry out.
  1. Fertilizing: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when feeding the plant every few months with a balanced fertilizer.
  1. Pruning: Following growth, you can prune the plant to promote a bushier shape.
  1. Patience: The fruit from avocado trees may not be exactly the same as the one from which you received the seed and can take several years to mature. 

Remember that although growing an avocado tree indoors might not result in fruit production, it can still be enjoyable and educational.

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