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How to play with 12-month-old children?

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It can be enjoyable and enlightening to play with a 12-month-old. Children are eager to interact with their caregivers at this age and are starting to investigate the world around them. The following suggestions for playtime can aid in promoting their development:

  1. Sensory play: Allow them to touch and investigate a variety of objects’ textures, shapes, and sizes to give them safe, age-appropriate sensory experiences. Playing with water, sand, or different materials can be entertaining and instructive at the same time.
  1. Interactive games: Play easy interactive games that require imitation, such as pat-a-cake, peekaboo, or games where you have to mimic their sounds and movements. Building social and emotional ties is facilitated by these activities.
  1. Reading together: Give them board books that have simple narratives and vibrant illustrations. Early exposure to books stimulates a love of reading and aids in language development.
  1. Music and movement: Play some lively music and get them to move to the beat, sway, or clap. To promote experimentation and creativity, you can also introduce basic musical instruments like shakers or drums.
  1. Building blocks: Give them big or soft building blocks that they can move, stack, and destroy. Their hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities are enhanced by this.
  1. Outdoor play: Take them outside so they can enjoy the fresh air and the scenery. Let them play in the grass, touch the leaves, or explore secure outdoor areas. They may grow to appreciate nature as a result of this.
  1. Simple puzzles: Present them with easy-to-manage, large-pieced, basic puzzles. Puzzles foster the growth of analytical and problem-solving skills.
  1. Social play: To promote cooperation and social interaction, set up playdates with kids your own age. Playing in groups under supervision can teach them important social skills and foster friendships.

To play with a 12-month-old, keep in mind that the most crucial thing is to provide a loving, safe space where they can explore, learn, and have fun. During playtime, always put their safety first and pay attention to their needs and cues.

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