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March Planting: Blooming Beauties for a Spring Garden


As March unfolds and the days gradually lengthen, gardeners eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring. March marks the perfect time to get your hands dirty and start planting a variety of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. In this blog post, we’ll explore a curated list of plants that can be planted in March, helping you kickstart a vibrant and flourishing garden.

1. Early Bloomers:

Crocus: These delicate flowers bring early color to the garden, often appearing as soon as the snow melts.

Snowdrops: With dainty, nodding white blooms, snowdrops are among the first signs of spring.

2. Spring Bulbs:

Tulips: Plant tulip bulbs in March for a stunning display of colorful, cup-shaped flowers in late spring.

Daffodils: These cheerful, trumpet-shaped flowers thrive when planted in the early spring, adding brightness to the garden.

3. Cool-Season Vegetables:

Lettuce: Start lettuce seeds indoors or directly sow them in the garden for a fresh supply of crisp greens.

Radishes: These fast-growing vegetables are perfect for early planting, providing a quick harvest.

Spinach: Cold-hardy spinach can be sown in March, offering nutrient-rich leaves for salads and cooking.

4. Herbs:

Chives: Plant chive seeds or divisions in March for a steady supply of fresh, onion-flavored greens.

Cilantro: Sow cilantro seeds early in the month for a continuous harvest of flavorful leaves.

5. Perennials:

Lavender: March is an excellent time to plant lavender, providing ample time for establishment before the growing season.

Daylilies: These hardy perennials can be planted early in the spring, producing a profusion of colorful blooms in the summer.

6. Fruit Trees and Shrubs:

Apple Trees: Plant bare-root apple trees in March for a long-term investment in homegrown fruit.

Blueberries: Early spring is ideal for planting blueberry bushes, ensuring they establish well before the summer.

7. Cool-Season Annuals:

Pansies: These charming flowers thrive in cool weather and can be planted in March to add a burst of color to your garden beds.

Snapdragons: Start snapdragon seeds indoors or directly sow them for tall spikes of vibrant blooms.

8. Peas:

Peas: Plant pea seeds early in March for a bountiful harvest of sweet, crisp pods in late spring or early summer.

9. Asparagus:

Asparagus: Asparagus crowns can be planted in March for a perennial vegetable crop that will yield for years to come.

10. Ornamental Grasses:

Fountain Grass: March is an excellent time to plant ornamental grasses like fountain grass, adding texture and movement to your garden.


March is a time of renewal and anticipation in the garden, offering the perfect window to sow the seeds of a colorful, thriving landscape. Whether you’re eager to enjoy the early blooms of crocuses and daffodils or looking forward to a bountiful harvest of vegetables and herbs, the possibilities for March planting are diverse and exciting. Get ready to welcome spring with open arms as you nurture your garden into a flourishing haven of natural beauty.

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